4 reasons to love frozen meals

Frozen meals

Here at Eatto, we love frozen meals, let us tell you why!

We all know frozen food has a bad reputation. After all, the traditional frozen meals featured on our supermarket shelves today are often loaded with unwanted preservatives and additives!

At Eatto, however, we are changing the frozen food game! Our founder, Jeananne, established the business with the aim of providing wholesome, hearty, and delicious meals just as her mother used to make. Frozen, but with none of the bad stuff!

We want to show that properly prepared frozen meals, can help you lead a convenient, nutritious, and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Frozen Food Reduces Waste

An article by The Irish Times estimates that an average Irish household spends roughly €700 a year on food waste!

In addition, we pay an even higher environmental price. The methane released by food waste (almost one million tonne!) decomposing in landfills is at least 28 times more damaging than carbon dioxide.

So, where does frozen food fit into all of this? It turns out that freezing can help rectify a lot of our food waste problems. Here’s how:

  • Fresh food has a very short shelf life- ever buy a bag of spinach and only manage to use a handful before the rest is fit for the bin? Buying frozen, on the other hand, can reduce waste and save money!
  • More than half of households say they throw away food because they’ve cooked too much. In the frozen food world, leftover meals can be frozen rather than thrown out which ultimately helps minimise food wastage.

At Eatto, our premium handmade frozen meals will last up to 3 months in your freezer from the date of delivery. No worrying about short shelf life necessary!

Frozen meals help reduce food waste

Frozen Meals are Nutritious

The perception of frozen food as unhealthy food is far from the truth. Research shows that frozen food is, in fact, rich in nutrients!

Frozen meals are often flash-frozen, meaning they are frozen quickly at temperatures much lower than your home freezer. This allows the cellular integrity of the food to remain intact, thereby allowing nutrients to be fully retained and preserved.

Here’s proof: numerous studies have shown no substantive difference between frozen food vs its fresh counterparts in terms of nutrients.

To simplify things, freezing is like putting a pause on your shelf life. As a result, it completely preserves food without using artificial additives!

Honestly, what’s not to love!

Frozen Meals are Nutritious

Frozen Meals are Convenient

Nowadays, it seems everyone has a busy life. Finding the time to shop for and cook well-balanced meals can be tricky, or even impossible at times!

This is where frozen food can make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s how:

  • Frozen meals are quick and easy to cook.
  • Meal preparation time is reduced significantly when using pre-prepared frozen accompaniments. Popping a pre-prepared potato dish into the oven is a lot less work than peeling, boiling and mashing them – especially on a busy day!
  • They are easy to grab on the go, for a portable work lunch or a super-fast dinner on a busy day.

Frozen meals are convenient

Simply put, they require little time and effort to cook, allowing you to use that extra time for other tasks, responsibilities, or a well-deserved rest!

Frozen Meals help with weight control

Frozen food can help you manage your weight and improves the nutritional content of what you eat. Here’s how:

  • Portion Control: Transparent labels and pre-portioned meals make it easy to understand how much you are eating- removing the need for stressful calorie counting!
  • Healthy Quick & Easy Meals: If you are running short on time (who isn’t these days?), a frozen meal may be your healthiest option. A nutritional frozen meal is a much better choice than your traditional take-away. On days when you come home tired and hungry, do your body a favour and reach for the freezer instead of the takeaway menu!

Frozen meals help with weight control

Simply put, the right kind of frozen meal is a game-changer for your pocket, your body and the environment!

So, why not try it for yourself? At Eatto, we have a vast range of handmade frozen meals which are delicious and healthy. Moreover, all our meals are frozen from fresh using premium locally sourced ingredients and contain no artificial additives or preservatives!

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