About us

You would think as I own a busy corporate catering company and feed people for a living that providing nutritious, tasty meals for my family would be a walk in the park! Ironically as a busy Mum of three, like so many I found myself running in the door at six o’clock scrambling to put something together at the last minute.

That’s how Eatto came to life……

With the demands of today’s world, trying to get a nutritious, healthy dinner on the table can be a real challenge.

I often found myself wondering, if I had the main element of dinner to hand, for example, the meatballs in a tomato sauce, dinner prep would be so much easier and quicker. In my house, like most, I would certainly have some spaghetti or pasta lurking in the cupboard and on a good day the makings of a green salad or at the very least some frozen peas to complete the dish.

So that’s what we did…We provide the main element of the dish and you add the sides…(of course we have sides too if you want to leave it all to us!)

So yes, at Eatto we are making real food for anyone, like me, who needs a helping hand at dinner time.  We are offering great-tasting, wholesome, homemade Irish favourites delivered to your door. What’s great is that all dinners come frozen, so you only need to take them out when you need them! Even better all dishes are “cook from frozen” so there is no need to worry about defrosting the day before…although that will work too!  What’s not to love!

There is nothing complicated about what we are doing: we use the best Irish ingredients we can source – our chicken, beef, lamb and pork are all Irish and we use local artisan suppliers where possible. I believe in letting the ingredients speak for themselves – cooking from scratch exactly as my mother does! That’s what I was lucky enough to grow up with and I hope Eatto can pass on the same experience to you!

From our kitchen to yours,