Benefits of eating breakfast: Kids Edition Part 2

Benefits of eating breakfast

Our banana oat muffin recipe featured in our blog: Banana oat muffin recipe: Kids edition part 1is perfect for a healthy and nutritious start to your child’s day. There are so many benefits to eating breakfast, read on for some more tips and tricks to help fussy eaters get their fill!

Growing up, we’ve all heard our parents say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now you hear yourself reiterating this to your sleepy children who do their utmost to avoid eating breakfast in the morning. Well, it’s not just you (or your parents) pleading with your kids to eat their brekkie. It’s years of scientific research and health trials.

What are the benefits of eating breakfast?

benefits of breakfast

Breakfast boosts your child’s concentration levels and improves their ability to learn

Breakfast means “breaking the fast” as it could be up to 10 hours since your child ate their last meal. It also helps them to maintain a healthy weight while decreasing the likelihood of obesity

Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to eat food rich in vitamins and minerals which is vital in helping your kids re-fuel for the busy day ahead

Lastly, it helps to develop a positive eating habit – which they, in turn, will take into adulthood and teach younger generations to come

Pro Tip: Try substituting everyday fruit juice – which contains a lot of sugars, with fresh fruit instead! 

Tricks to get your child motivated to eat breakfast:

kids motivated for breakfast

Kids often refuse breakfast insisting they’re not hungry and it can be difficult to persuade them otherwise. Here are some tips that can work wonders:

Offer healthy breakfast choices in a variety of ways as it may take multiple tries before your child develops a taste for something. For example, blueberries come with incredible health benefits (from being a powerful antioxidant to regulating blood sugar), why not incorporate them in smoothies, pancakes, muffins or as part of some home-made granola

Some fussy eaters respond better at mealtimes if the food is familiar. Try to include some food options you know they love in combination with other foods

Make breakfast a time to sit and eat with your child, if you can, try to eat some of the same foods as your child, this will help set healthy breakfast habits

Involving them in preparing their breakfast and trying new foods in different and creative ways is another fun way to motivate them to eat breakfast

Tip – If you know they are hungry, don’t ask what they want, just pop a dish you know they like in front of them!

Sometimes I find my son is so hungry in the morning that instead of telling me what he wants to eat he ends up frustratedly saying he wants nothing at all! I’ve learnt, in this case, not to ask! I peel an apple, chop it into long pieces, pop a bowl in front of him and call them ‘apple sticks’. If I asked him would he like an apple there’s no chance he would say yes, but ‘apple sticks’ somehow magically disappear!

What to include when preparing a healthy breakfast:

healthy breakfast

Carbohydrates high in fibre– Fruit and vegetables, wholegrain bread, wholegrain cereal, low-sugar breakfast bars, healthy muffins etc.

Protein – Eggs, lean meats, nuts (including nut butter), cooked beans etc.


Kids don’t understand the importance of breakfasts, but we know just how important it is!  A healthy breakfast doesn’t need to take long to prepare. Why not try our banana oat muffin recipe, which will have your kids devouring their breakfast with the added bonus of it being healthy for them too!

PS: it’s a freezer-friendly recipe so you can bake ahead of time.

banana oat muffin





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