Easy Vegan Meals Everyone Will Enjoy

easy vegan meals

For easy vegan meals that will, believe it or not, satisfy even the most devout of carnivores check out our list below.

From vegan sweet potato katsu curry to creamy soups and vegan chilli, these dishes are so delicious that you won’t believe they are both dairy and meat-free. And since we all have a big sweet tooth here at the Eatto HQ and can never pass up a dessert, here’s a vegan dessert idea to try, too!

Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Thai sweet potato soup made with hearty vegetables and coconut milk for a lightly spiced creamy soup. A perfect appetizer, lunch, or light dinner for all the family.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetables are essential to a healthy diet and are the perfect base for a deliciously hearty soup. This handmade vegetable soup is packed with root vegetables and fresh herbs and makes for a comforting meal at any time of day.

vegetable soup

Vegan Meatballs

Fancy something just that little bit different? These vegan meatballs made with bulgur wheat and rice, packed with hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews and vegetables and served with a rich tomato and herb sauce are sure to be a winner!

Vegan Chilli

Who said chilli has to have meat? This vegan chilli makes the perfect substitute for the traditional meaty chilli and tastes just as good if not better. It’s a flavourful dish of black bean, sweet potato, and slow-roasted peppers, try topping with some guacamole or tomato salsa for a meal that even your meat-loving friends will devour!

Sweet Potato Katsu

“The flavours are rich and varied from the spices skilfully blended together and backed by mango, apple and ginger. A savoury spice against a fruity sweetness with a warm chilli finish. This is an imaginative well-constructed dish that all the non-vegetarians on this table would very happily eat.” No, they’re not our words, but those of the Great Taste Awards Judges 2022! With the Great Taste Awards being the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme we could not be more proud of our sweet potato katsu curry.

Sweet Potato Katsu Curry Easy Vegan Meal


Thai Red Curry

Trust us when we say this is not just your average curry! Our Thai red curry is packed with warming spices, chunky vegetables and smooth coconut, this dish is the perfect healthy and delicious alternative to your usual takeaway and will be kinder to your pocket too!

Mushroom Stroganoff

A creamy and hearty mushroom stroganoff that is choc-full of wholesome, earthy mushrooms that are slow cooked to perfection. The dish is gluten-free, dairy-free and loved by all!

mushroom stroganoff

Puy lentil Bolognese

This dish is delicious first and vegan second! A rustic puy lentil bolognese made with classic Italian flavours of ripe tomato and herbs with puy lentils and root vegetables, a class meat-less ragu that is sure to be a family favourite.

Vegan Apple Crumble

No meal is complete without a soul-satisfying dessert. This vegan apple crumble showcases sweet apple slices stewed with a hint of cinnamon beneath a golden gluten-free oat topping, deliciousness in every bite!

vegan apple crumble easy vegan meals

At Eatto we believe that easy and delicious should go hand in hand. We hope you enjoy these vegan meals, especially on those busy weeknights when time is short and energy is low!

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