Eatto Meal Plan

Gluten free snacks

Mindful eating has never been easier with our seven-day Eatto meal plan. Get ahead with our wholesome and healthy breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners – all handmade for you from scratch, using no artificial additives or preservatives, and delivered frozen for your convenience!

Add some fresh or dried fruits or crunchy vegetables as snacks to ensure you get your 5 a day!


Mindful Monday

Breakfast – Start your day right with a delicious almond and chocolate chia pudding

Snacks – Enjoy a handful of energy balls

Lunch – A healthy and delicious vegetable soup for lunch

Dinner – End your meatless Monday with a 2 great taste award-winning sweet potato katsu curry with basmati rice

Tasty Tuesday

Breakfast – Bircher muesli overnight oats for a well-rounded and perfect start to the day

Snacks – Some cashew and coconut bites to keep you feeling full and energetic

Lunch – A light and satisfying tomato, chickpeas and chorizo soup for lunch

Dinner – Classic salmon, hake and smoked fish gratin with some creamy mash and green peas on the side

Wellness Wednesday

Breakfast – Creamy mango chia pudding, the perfect mid-week sweet and delicious breakfast

Snacks – Energy balls make the ideal delicious and mindful snack

Lunch – Lightly spiced Thai sweet potato soup for a quick and tasty lunch

Dinner – An award-winning meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti, the perfect way to unwind and end the day

Thoughtful Thursday

Breakfast – What’s better than a full serving of veggies at breakfast? These carrot cake overnight oats will give you just that plus all of the delicious flavours of carrot cake!

Snacks – A portion of cashew and coconut bites to keep you feeling energised

Lunch – Rich and warming tomato soup, for a warming lunch

Dinner – Roasted vegetable lasagne with wilted spinach layered between sheets of pasta, with baby roasted herb potatoes to complete the meal

Fueling Friday

Breakfast – This peanut butter chia pudding makes for a delicious breakfast, packed with peanut butter and good-for-you ingredients!

Snacks – Enjoy a handful of energy balls for a healthy, energy-boosting snack

Lunch – Vegetable soup for lunch, an easy way to sneak in veggies during the day

Dinner – A Great Taste award-winning and fragrant butter chicken curry with fluffy basmati rice is the perfect way to end a Friday!

Scrumptious Saturday

Breakfast – Delicious strawberry overnight oats that are healthy yet taste like strawberry shortcake

Snacks – Tasty and healthy cashew and coconut bites for a perfect mid-day snack

Lunch – Rich tomato soup with chickpeas, chorizo and peppers soup for a delicious and quick lunch

Dinner – Charred salmon with roasted cherry tomato, asparagus and garlic confit with creamy mashed potato on the side for a wholesome dinner

Satisfying Sunday

Breakfast – A deliciously creamy bircher muesli for a healthy and easy Sunday breakfast!

Snacks – Grab some energy balls for a healthy, energy-boosting snack

Lunch – Enjoy a bowl of warming Thai sweet potato soup for a satisfying lunch

Dinner – Fragrant Korean pork meatballs in a sweet and spicy sauce served with some al dente spaghetti, the perfect end to the week!

Our seven-day meal plan is a great way to enjoy wholesome meals while saving you both time and energy. Frozen meals also help to minimise waste helping both your pocket and the environment around us. Our planner is carefully selected to include a variety of protein, fruit and vegetables in your diet which don’t compromise on taste!

**This meal plan should be used as a guide only and is created based on the calorie content of each meal. The meal plan is not GP/nutritionist verified. Please consult a registered doctor, dietician or nutritionist should you wish to follow a meal plan tailored to you.

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