Healthy smoothie recipes with a twist!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes Gluten Free

Smoothies are a fantastic healthy snack or breakfast option, but did you know there are so many other ways to use your smoothie mix? From ice pops to smoothie bowls, overnight oats and more, here are some creative and healthy smoothie recipes for you to try!

Healthy smoothie bowl recipe

While we love our traditional smoothies there’s something oh so satisfying about creating a beautiful smoothie bowl topped off with a rainbow of fruits, nuts and seeds. From berries to mangoes to healthy green smoothie bowls (Yes, they can be tasty too!) there’s a flavour for everyone in our smoothie range. Create some smoothie bowl perfection like this delicious mango one below topped off with cranberries, blueberries, toasted coconut and chia seeds. Yum!

healthy smoothie bowl recipes

Healthy smoothie sorbet recipe

Looking for a light and delicious dessert that’s perfect for summer? Smoothie sorbets are our go-to option. Quick and easy yet super tasty too, jazz your sorbet up with the fruit combination of your choice – strawberry, mango, peach, banana or how about a little lime zest to give your sorbet an extra zing! Here’s an easy to follow guide with recipes for you to try!

healthy smoothie sorbet recipe

Healthy overnight oat smoothie recipe

We know you’ve heard of overnight oats but how about combining them with some delicious smoothie for a healthy, quick and delicious make-ahead breakfast. Packed with the slow-release energy of oats and vitamin-boosting fruit, they not only taste great but help to keep you fueled throughout the morning. With so many healthy overnight smoothie oat recipes to choose from, there are endless combinations. It’s now easier than ever to try them out with Eatto’s handy pre-prepared smoothie mix!

healthy overnight oat smoothie recipe

Healthy smoothie ice pop recipe

Handmade smoothie ice pops are your answer to a deliciously refreshing and healthy snack. Unlike shop-bought varieties, you can be sure they’re free from artificial additives and preservatives and with the natural sweetness of fruit and veggies, there’s no need for the addition of refined sugars. From berries to tropical fruits like mango or kiwi there are so many flavours to choose from! Top tip: Add a dollop of yoghurt or some avocado to add creaminess to your ice-pop! Here are 40 healthy smoothie ice-pop recipes for you to try from!

healthy smoothie ice pops

Healthy smoothie yoghurt recipe

Fancy making your own fro-yo at home? It couldn’t be simpler. Just blitz some of your favourite fruits with your yoghurt of choice, freeze and voila! Check out this handy guide to making frozen yoghurt which comes with some delicious recipes.

healthy smoothie yoghurt recipe

Grab yourself some of our new healthy smoothie mixes and give these creative smoothie recipes a try!


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