How to make a super fun Easter Egg Hunt this year!

Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re looking for a fun family Easter activity, look no further! Our Eatto Easter Egg Hunt is sure to get little minds ticking and make for an enjoyable Easter afternoon.

Hide mini eggs at each clue or an Easter egg for the grand prize at the end of the 18 clues. Just print, cut out each clue and hide around the house according to the answers!


Easter Egg Hunt

Leave mini chocolate eggs hidden at each clue or an Easter egg as the final prize - you choose!


  • Soft and plump, I’ll be right here. Throughout your dreams, you’ll keep me near. I’ll keep you comfy all through the night, and you’ll leave me here in the morning light.  
  • Flat, black, and seemingly boring, I sit in the living room all day. Not until you turn me ondo colors flash on my display.
  • From dirt, to paint, and everything in between, I’m your number one friend in keeping things clean.  
  • Standing quietly against a wall, you rarely notice me though I’m tall. Inside, I keep alot of treats. Open my door and then you’ll see!
  • Feeling cold? Then don’t forget me! Throw me on before you go. I’m nothing special, everyone has me. People wear me when the temperature’s low.
  • On, off,that’s all I do. But my purpose does more for you! Turn me on when it’s dark at night. My brightness beats out candlelight.
  • Take a gulp to cool yourself down. When it comes to drinks, I wear the crown. Not quite as sweet as soda or juice, but no other drinks could exist without my use.
  • Stepping out?Wear me first! I’ll protect your feet from the worst.
  • Round and round, that’s the only way for me! I take with me all your clothes. No need to fret, they’re safe with me. I just want to keep them clean. 
  • Strong and sturdy, count on me! Just keep me locked, and you’ll see. Tall and solid, allhomes have me. To get me open, you’ll need a key.
  • Family, friends, come sit around me. I carry food for you to enjoy. My flat surface,you place your plates. A meal for every girl and boy.
  • Jump inside, the water’s fine! If it’s not, just take your time. Move the knobs and get it right. I make sure you’re clean every day and night.
  • It’s been a long day, it’s time to rest. You can lie down on my chest. Soft yet sturdy, I’ll cradle you.And in the morning you’ll feel brand new.
  • With four strong legs, I stand with pride. But please, don’t hesitate to take a ride.Though I love to stand all day, I was made for your rump to stay.
  • If it’s work orif it’s play, my features will fill up your day. No, I’m not a book or board game, but I will work just the same. So have a seat and light my screen. I’ll show you exactly what I mean.
  • Keep me open, keep me closed. But when it rains, or when it’s cold, to keep me shut is what you’re told.
  • Tall and strong, I stay outside. The sun, the rain, they’re by my side. I give birds homes and help you breathe. I even give you fruit to eat.
  • For the movie, you shall pop some corn. When its ready the buzzer will warn.


Clue answers:
  1. Pillow
  2. TV
  3. Soap
  4. Refrigerator
  5. Jacket
  6. Lamp
  7. Water-Kitchen tap
  8. Shoes
  9. Washing machine
  10. Door
  11. Dining table
  12. Shower
  13. Bed
  14. Chair
  15. Computer or laptop
  16. Windows
  17. Trees
  18. Microwave

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