How to teach kids about sustainability this Earth day ????

Earth Day

What is World Earth Day? Celebrated every year on the 22nd of April since 1970, it is an environmental movement that aims to create awareness around the damaging human behaviour causing detrimental harm to our planet. As the effects of climate change become more apparent every day this is one movement that is very close to our hearts here at Eatto.

We are dedicated to making the world a greener place and where better to start than with our children, the planet’s future. With a minimum of one-third of veggies in our kids’ meals, fully compostable or recyclable packaging and a promise to support local where possible, sustainability is a huge part of our ethos. We love green here at Eatto, so we plant a tree for every 10 linings and ice packs that are returned to us for recycling. With a mission to take the passion for all things green forward, we want to help with teaching children to love living green too.

This World Earth Day let’s join hands to help our children cultivate environmental stewardship while celebrating the planet at the same time. Check out these Earth Day ideas to incorporate “green” living into your child’s daily routine:

Become a waste warrior

kids stopping climate change

It’s so important to teach children how to manage waste properly. A terrific way to start is to learn how to limit waste by recycling or repurposing, wherever possible. Knowing what’s compostable or recyclable, learning how to repurpose and reuse waste instead of throwing it away and minimising general waste are the building blocks of a greener future.

Did you know all our packaging is either fully recyclable or compostable? Check out these printable word searches from KWD Kid’s recycling in Co. Kerry which will help with teaching kids all the important recycling terms.

Skip the car

Riding a bike or walking, wherever possible, is a great alternative to taking the car. Making regular bike trips with kids to nearby places is great for overall health and a chance for some fun family time with the bonus of saving some fuel! Biking helps to boost your positive mental attitude and can also help to relieve stress. With days getting longer and warmer weather on the way it’s the perfect time to make the most of it.

Spend piggy banks locally

why you should support local community

Shopping from locally owned businesses is not only a fantastic way to support the local community but is also beneficial to the environment in a variety of ways. Educating and creating awareness among children about supporting businesses in their neighbourhoods can foster an appreciation for sustainability early on. You might consider taking them to local farmer markets or even pick your own farms and orchards to see exactly where their food is coming from. Here’s a handy list of pick your own farms throughout Ireland.

At Eatto, we love local and do everything we can to support it. We are proud to champion Irish produce wherever possible, all our chicken, beef and pork are Irish. We also work with a range of artisan suppliers across the country!

How about a hike?

kids enjoying a hike

What better way to foster a love of the environment than spending time in the great outdoors, especially now that restrictions are gradually lifting and allowing us to travel within our county. Going on a hike with kids is the perfect way to encourage appreciation of the wonderful nature around us. Check out Roz Purcell’s page dedicated to hiking for some inspiration, if you’re lucky enough to live nearby!

Hit the lights!

Does that lamp really need to be on while the sun is out? Teaching kids to be mindful of energy consumption will save a few pennies and also help them understand the importance of not being wasteful. Explaining the concept of where energy comes from, like the energy generated by windmills and solar panels can be a fascinating subject for kids. Here are some fun renewable energy lessons for your kids to try!

Recyclable art: One person’s trash, another person’s treasure

kid doing sustainable art

Who doesn’t love a fun DIY project? And even better when it means you can repurpose waste materials to create it! Recreate, a fantastic Dublin social enterprise and registered charity, who collect surplus and unwanted materials from local and national businesses and supply them as Arts and Crafts materials and Educational Play resources for Creative Groups working with children, have some fantastic online activity videos you can check out here. You’d be surprised at all the things you can make with bits and pieces around the house!

We have a special surprise for you. This Earth Day celebrating with the little ones will be sustainable and full of fun surprises! In conjunction with our recent Eatto for Kids ????launch, we have an exciting GIVEAWAY coming up with Jiminy, an Irish based eco toy company. All the updates will be posted on our social media, so stay tuned to learn all about it!


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