Introducing Eatto for kids: Meals your kids will devour!

Eatto Meals

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, for us to debut our brand-new range of kids’ meals! The ultimate quick and easy kids’ dinners that are big on vegetables (mostly hidden!) and on flavour – the perfect addition to your Eatto order.

Whilst many of our Eatto meals are happily devoured by the whole family, Jeananne, being a mum of three, knows all too well that not all children are as open to trying certain meals, especially when vegetables are the main feature!

On our last blog, we spoke about what prevents parents from providing healthy meals for their children. According to a study from IUNA, the two main factors are a child’s likes and dislikes and convenience.

So, wanting to make life for families just that little bit easier, we’ve created our new range, with little ones in mind. All our kids’ meals contain a minimum of 33% vegetables (mostly hidden!), so you can sneak in a few extra veggies at mealtimes. They’re frozen for your convenience and are ready when you need them!

What is Eatto for Kids?

At Eatto, our mission is to bring you delicious, handmade meals prepared with the best Irish ingredients, delivered straight to your door. Now, let us take one more thing off your plate with quick and tasty meals for your kids too.

For those busy days, when managing to find time to cook seems impossible, Eatto for Kids meals are just what you need. Say goodbye to prepping and cooking multiple dinners, kids fussing over eating their veggies and cleaning up; we promise you these meals are a game-changer!

minimum 1/3rd veggies mostly hidden

ready to be popped into the microwave/oven

well-balanced, healthy, and delicious meals for children

Our team has carefully tailor-made all the dishes in our Eatto for Kids range with the following points in mind:

33% veggies (mostly hidden!): Perfect for feeding those fussy eaters; all our meals are bursting with vegetables, some cleverly incorporated into our dishes, so the kids won’t even notice they’re there!

Ready to be popped into the microwave/oven: We know being a parent can feel like you’re a driver, chef and personal assistant all rolled into one. Why not take a well-deserved break and leave the cooking to us? All our meals are delivered frozen for your convenience. Simply pop them in the microwave/oven and serve once ready!

Well-Balanced: We all want our kids to have a well-balanced, healthy diet but we know it’s not always easy. Not anymore! All our meals are big on vegetables and are well-balanced; just what a growing child need.

With a choice of the following 7 meals and more to come, you’re sure to find many your children will love! Choose from:

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Penne Bolognese, Cottage Pie, Chilli con Carne and Rice, Butter Chicken and Rice, Roast Chicken Mash and Gravy, and Puy Lentil Bolognese with Spaghetti.

Whether you’ve had an extra busy day or just want to kick back and give yourself a break, these mouth-watering meals are ready when you are.

Check out our Eatto for Kids range here and leave cooking for another day!


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