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Our healthy vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and low calories meals are prepared from scratch with fresh locally sourced ingredients, just how you would at home.

1 Unit 9.95

Roasted cashews, toasted coconut and chia seed bite.

Serves 1 6.95
Serves 2 13.90

Chunks of Irish chicken and roasted butternut squash in a mildly spiced creamy sauce made from an authentic spice blend.

Serves 1 5.95
Serves 2 11.90

Sweet potato katsu curry - Crispy crumbed sweet potato with sesame seeds in a mild and sweet curry sauce.

Serves 1 6.50

Minced Irish beef meatballs slowly cooked with Mediterranean vegetables and a rich tomato sauce

Serves 1 7.95
Serves 2 15.90

Chargrilled chicken with a tomato roasted pepper chorizo and chickpea sauce.

1 Unit 9.95

Peanut, gluten free oat and toasted seed raw bite.

Serves 1 6.75
Serves 2 13.50

Fragrant pork meatballs in a sweet and spicy Korean sauce.

Serves 1 6.95
Serves 2 13.90

Fresh hake marinated in mild spices on a bed of crunchy carrot stir fry.

Serves 1 6.95
Serves 2 13.90

Thai chicken curry - Marinated Irish chicken in a fragrant red curry sauce.

Serves 1 3.95

Lightly spiced sweet potato soup with coconut and ginger.

Serves 1 3.95

Rich and warming tomato soup, finished with fresh basil.

Serves 1 4.50

Rich tomato soup with chickpeas, chorizo and peppers.

Eatto is proud to be a member of BordBia's Origin Green programme, the worlds' only national food and drink sustainability programme. We work with artisan suppliers across the country who supply us with the best in Irish produce. All our meals contain absolutely no additives or preservatives and every Eatto food delivery uses 100% compostable or recyclable packaging.