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Serves 1 6.95
Serves 2 13.90

Charred salmon with roasted cherry tomato, asparagus and garlic confit

Serves 2 16.95

Braised beef steak in a rich red wine sauce with bacon and pearl onions

Serves 1 5.95
Serves 2 11.50

Minced Irish beef slowly cooked with Mediterranean vegetables and a rich tomato sauce

Serves 1 5.95
Serves 2 11.90

Marinated Irish chicken in a fragrant yellow curry sauce

Serves 1 5.25
Serves 2 10.50

Rustic bolognese of Italian tomato, puy lentils and root vegetables

Serves 1 5.95

Rich slow cooked chilli with Irish minced beef, kidney beans and a bit of a kick

Serves 1 6.50
Serves 2 12.90

Chargrilled Irish Chicken breast with slow roasted vegetables, rich tomato sauce & basil oil drizzle

Serves 1 5.25
Serves 2 10.50

Vegetarian chilli of black bean, sweet potato and slow roasted peppers

Serves 2 2.95

Mini baby potatoes roasted until golden brown with thyme and a hint of garlic

Serves 2 2.50

Steamed fluffy grains of basmati rice.

Serves 2 4.75

Sweet apple slices stewed with a hint of cinnamon beneath a golden gluten free oat topping

Eatto is proud to be a member of BordBia's Origin Green programme, the worlds' only national food and drink sustainability programme. All our chicken, beef and pork are Irish and we work with artisan suppliers across the country. All our meals contain absolutely no additives or preservatives and every Eatto food delivery uses 100% compostable or recyclable packaging.