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Great Taste Meal Bundles

Fancy trying some of our award-winning meals accredited by the Great Taste Guild of Fine Food, the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme? Just check out our meal bundles below and experience the deliciousness.


From Sweet Potato Katsu Curry with “rich and varied flavours from spices skilfully blended together and backed by mango, apple and ginger” to Classic Fish Gratin with “a fine golden crumb, an appealing appearance with a lovely fishy smoky aroma” trust us when we say it isn’t only the Great Taste Judges who’ll be impressed by these delicious meals for 1!


Spices like coriander offer brightness, cumin adds its earthy warmth and a certain sweetness from fragrant aromas of warm cinnamon. The caramelised butternut squash adds depth. While the sauce is gently aromatic with a light level of heat.” Can you almost taste our award-winning Butter Chicken Curry with this description from the Great Taste Judges 2022? Make almost a reality with the delicious meal bundle for 2!