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Our mums deserve the very best. So, while bouquets and chocolates are lovely, why not go the extra mile this year? Here’s a lovely Mother’s Day brunch idea she’s sure to love!

It couldn’t be easier to make a special Mother’s Day brunch out of everyday ingredients with this delicious baked egg recipe. Simply pop your eggs into some small baking dishes, then load them up with fresh spinach, parmesan, and sundried tomatoes for a simple yet delicious breakfast for mum. Feel free to freestyle your toppings, this dish is so versatile and perfect for using up any bits in the fridge too!

Deliciously simple Baked Egg recipe:

baked eggs recipe

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Baked Egg topping ideas:

Here’s the fun part: adding toppings to your baked eggs! This can be as complicated or simple as you like. Another favourite of ours is just parmesan and fresh herbs, which takes no time at all. Here are some more ideas to make your breakfast absolutely egg-cellant!:

  • Parmesan and fresh herbs: Try chives, fresh thyme, or sliced basil
  • Cheddar and pico de gallo: Go Tex Mex with a little salsa on top! Dice up some fresh tomatoes and onions, add coriander, lime juice and diced jalapeno for a spicy kick, yum!
  • Sauteed mushrooms and feta: Simply sautee your mushrooms along with a few handfuls of spinach add to your eggs and top with some salty feta cheese
  • Sauteed greens: Sticking to your greens is just as good and healthy too, go with garlicky sautéed spinach or sauteed kale for a vibrant baked egg idea
  • Bacon or veggie alternative: Top your eggs with some crispy bacon or for a veggie alternative try adding some fried halloumi cheese or tofu instead!

Prefer a traditional Mother’s Day lunch instead?

If your mum’s not really into brunch we have plenty of wonderful options on offer for a beautiful Mother’s day lunch. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

  • Lasagne Al Forno: Isn’t lasagne an all-time favourite? Try one of our most popular Eatto dishes made with slow-cooked ragu of Irish beef layered between sheets of egg pasta with béchamel sauce and a farmhouse cheddar topping.
  • Salmon and Chorizo with mash potatoes: Fillet of salmon in a creamy leek and chorizo sauce with carrots and mashed potatoes
  • Puy Lentil Bolognese with Spaghetti: With a delicate and slightly peppery flavour, puy lentils are cooked in a rich handmade tomato sauce and served with spaghetti cooked tossed in olive oil. Try finishing the dish with a fresh and leafy side salad.
  • Butter Chicken Curry and Rice: You can’t go wrong with another one of our most loved Eatto dishes an authentic Indian flavoured butter curry, chunks of Irish chicken and roasted butternut squash in a mildly spiced creamy sauce made from an authentic spice blend served with steamed basmati rice!Mothers day brunch butter chicken curry and rice

And what’s a Mother’s Day brunch without a delicious dessert?

Try our Lemon cream pie: A zesty and tangy lemon filling on a crispy ginger biscuit, the perfect end to a delicious lunch or brunch!

mothers day brunch lemon cream pie

Mother’s Day success is just one recipe away! We hope you enjoy making these eggs as much as we did.

We also have a delicious Mother’s day box available with a selection of mains, sides, desserts and soups, if you fancy giving mum a break from the cooking this is just the thing!

Mother's Day brunch handmade meal box

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