Introducing our Proud Partner Laya Healthcare

Introducing our proud partner Laya Healthcare

Laya Healthcare’s New Parent Food Allowance & Eatto

Eatto has partnered with Laya healthcare to offer one of the many fantastic Maternity Benefits you will have access to under Laya Healthcare’s Maternity cover.

*With a €50 New Parent Food Allowance benefit from Laya healthcare to spend on Eatto meals, give yourself a helping hand and look forward to:

· Saving time, say goodbye to shopping, chopping and washing up!

· Spending more time with your new bundle of joy and less time in the kitchen

· Enjoying delicious and nutritious meals which are ready in no time, just pop straight into the oven to heat

· Quality frozen meals made with the best of Irish ingredients, ready and waiting in the freezer for whenever you need them!

Simply upload a photo of your receipt to the Laya healthcare claims app after purchase and, if eligible, you will receive the return, up to a maximum value of €50, to your account.

*Access to certain benefits is dependent on your level of cover, please contact Laya healthcare to check what benefits are available to you.

You can find all information here

Check out some of the lovely reviews from parents who have tried our Eatto meals:

“Fantastic, tasty food. So handy to pop in the oven straight from the freezer while I’m running around after the babies or getting other jobs done. I absolutely love that all the packaging is recyclable or compostable/biodegradable. Lovely, helpful customer service also.”- Ellie

“Absolutely fab meals when you don’t have time to cook yourself! Our 3 year old devoured all the kiddie meals to our surprise and it was great not to have to worry about prepping dinner especially with a newborn to look after. 10/10, and highly recommended!”- Tracy