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Serves 2 13.90

Fresh hake marinated in mild spices on a bed of crunchy carrot stir fry.


With so many presents for new parents to choose from why not give a thoughtful yet practical gift all in one. Our Little Bundle of Joy meal box is packed to the brim with delicious mains, sides and desserts made with the best ingredients and no artifical flavours or preservatives. Give the gift of more time with their bundle of joy with handy cook from frozen meals ready in minutes.

Serves 1 6.75
Serves 2 13.50

Beef and pork meatballs in a creamy peppercorn sauce topped with sauteed onions.

Serves 6 14.95

Peach, Raspberry & Turmeric description- Low fat, high in fibre and a source of protein and curcumin. Pack of 6 (1 pouch = 1 serving)

Serves 6 14.95

High in fibre and a source of protein and vitamin A. Pack of 6 (1 pouch = 1 serving)

Serves 1 6.95
Serves 2 13.90

Thai chicken curry - Marinated Irish chicken in a fragrant red curry sauce.

Serves 1 3.50

Lightly spiced sweet potato soup with coconut and ginger.

Serves 1 3.50

Rich and warming tomato soup, finished with fresh basil.

Serves 1 3.95

Rich tomato soup with chickpeas, chorizo and peppers.

Serves 1 6.50
Serves 2 11.95

Roasted vegetables and wilted spinach layered between sheets of pasta topped with béchamel sauce and farmhouse cheddar.

Serves 1 5.25
Serves 2 10.50

Slow cooked barley and mushrooms in a vegan vegetable stew.

Serves 2 11.90

Bulgur wheat and rice balls with hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts and vegetables served with tomato and herb sauce