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Serves 1 3.95

Classically creamy potato and leek soup.

Serves 1 5.95
Serves 2 11.90

Shepardless pie packed with slow-cooked lentils & chickpeas and topped with a smooth vegan mash.

Serves 1 3.95

Warming spiced lentil soup with cumin and lemon.

Serves 1 2.75

Fresh strawberry overnight oats with vanilla, honey and lemon.

Serves 1 7.25
Serves 2 14.50

Crispy crumbed Irish chicken breast with sesame seeds in a mild and sweet curry sauce.


From Sweet Potato Katsu Curry with “rich and varied flavours from spices skilfully blended together and backed by mango, apple and ginger” to Classic Fish Gratin with “a fine golden crumb, an appealing appearance with a lovely fishy smoky aroma” trust us when we say it isn’t only the Great Taste Judges who’ll be impressed by these delicious meals for 1!


Spices like coriander offer brightness, cumin adds its earthy warmth and a certain sweetness from fragrant aromas of warm cinnamon. The caramelised butternut squash adds depth. While the sauce is gently aromatic with a light level of heat.” Can you almost taste our award-winning Butter Chicken Curry with this description from the Great Taste Judges 2022? Make almost a reality with the delicious meal bundle for 2!


Searching for a meal bundle box you and the kids will love? Try our Parent's and Kids meal bundle packed with all your favourites and make dinner time a cinch!

Serves 1 5.50
Serves 2 11.00

Aromatic red lentil Tarka Dhal slow cooked with a blend of traditional Indian spices.


Whether you're searching for gifts for first-time parents or looking to help out a seasoned pro there's nothing more helpful than the gift of food. Our Helping Hand meal bundle is packed with delicious mains, sides and desserts perfect for making life with a new baby that little bit simpler.


With a tempting mix of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this meal bundle includes all the nourishing meals you need to keep you fuelled throughout the day. A selection of smoothies for breakfast, delicious soups for lunch, tasty All in One meals for dinner and our Cashew and Coconut bites for a midday treat. Take the guess work out of mealtimes with our All Day Wellness meal bundle. 1 Smoothie Taster Pack (6 pouches), 1 Cashew and Coconut Bites (26 pieces), 5 soups and 5 All in One meals included.


Vegetables never tasted so good! All your veggie favourites like Thai Red Curry, Mushroom Stroganoff, Black Bean Chilli and more. Packed with variety and delicious flavours our All Veggie Favourites meal bundle is perfect for anyone looking to add more veggie meals to their diet. 10 (serves 1) meals included.