Tips to start a vegan diet

delicious foods for a vegan diet

Following a vegan diet can be challenging at first, with so much to learn and the very many changes that come with it. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you ease into the world of veganism.

Take it slow

The key to beginning your vegan journey is to go at your own pace. Some people might manage to adapt to the vegan diet lifestyle overnight, but many others will need more time. Like any other habitual change, going vegan is not only a big change that takes getting used to, but it can also take time to determine what works best for you.  There’s no one size fits all approach for switching to a plant-based diet.

Making small changes consistently is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of plant-based foods in your diet. One approach is to start with removing meat or dairy from your diet for one day a week, another is to simply try changing one meal at a time!

mushroom stroganoff for a vegan diet

Plan your meals

For many, meal planning is essential in helping to adapt to a vegan lifestyle. It can be as easy as writing down a rough menu for the day, for example, a vegan banana pancake for breakfast, a mushroom stroganoff for lunch and a warming rustic black bean chilli for dinner. You can then buy everything you need in advance so that you have produce on hand to prepare your vegan meals Like any other diet if you don’t set yourself up for success with a little bit of planning it’s very difficult to stay on track!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the work, there are so many options out there to help. How about a delicious puy lentil bolognese, or some hoisin tofu with spring onions,  Available all at the click of a button here at!

puy lentil bolognese for a vegan diet

Try new things

Treat your taste buds by experimenting with new foods and flavours in your vegan diet. Ordering or cooking something new could lead to the discovery of new ingredients you might fall in love with. There are thousands of vegan dishes from every corner of the globe, like vegan red Thai curry, or sweet potato katsu curry, to choose from!

sweet potato katsu curry for a vegan diet

Keep learning

Remember that adapting to a vegan diet is a learning curve. The concept has been around since 1944 but is still a relatively new way of living for many people. Remember to allow yourself the time to learn and adjust to this new change. Most importantly, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for the progress you’ve made, maybe you could even treat yourself to a delicious warming vegan apple crumble once in a while?

Don’t give up

If you do happen to get off track, don’t feel guilty about it. Feel proud for trying and starting this journey to a more sustainable you!

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