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Serves 1 5.95
Serves 2 11.90

Marinated Irish chicken in a fragrant yellow curry sauce

Serves 1 5.25
Serves 2 10.50

Roasted vegetables and wilted spinach layered between sheets of pasta topped with béchamel sauce and farmhouse cheddar.

Serves 1 5.95
Serves 2 11.90

Minced Irish beef slowly cooked with Mediterranean vegetables and a rich tomato sauce

Serves 1 5.95
Serves 2 11.90

Chunks of Irish chicken and roasted butternut squash in a mildly spiced creamy sauce made from an authentic spice blend

Our Packaging

All our packaging is either fully recyclable or compostable so please ensure you dispose of your sleeves in recycling and your trays and film in the food bin.

In our drive for sustainability, don’t forget to give back your Woolcool lining and icepacks to your delivery driver so we can recycle them. For every 10 we receive back we will plant a tree!

Check out our sustainability page for further return details!

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