The ultimate mealtime hack to help your kids eat more vegetables!

child not eating vegetables

Is this picture looking all too familiar? Well, stick with us and we’ll show you the ultimate hack to outsmart the kids at mealtime and sneak in those few extra vegetables! Read on to find out how.

You’re certainly not alone in the dinnertime veggie battle, but let’s see if the reasons for your struggle coincide with other parents in Ireland.


Factors preventing parents from providing healthy meals for children

This study from the IUNA in 2019 shows the two major contributing factors are the child’s likes and dislikes (64%), and convenience (40%).

Factors preventing parents from providing healthy meals for children

Recently, we asked the question “What would you like to see in an Eatto kid’s offering?” and unsurprisingly your answers directly correspond to the results of this study.

My little one tends to leave out the greens, or rarely manages to eat half of what I give him because he doesn’t like the way it looks and tastes! How can I get him to eat more vegetables without creating a big fuss over it?

“I have a toddler and it’s very hard to get good quality pre-prepared meals that are suitable for her age”

“Good food for kids with no additives is so hard to come by, I just don’t have the time to make all meals from scratch! Good quality pre-prepared meals would be a lifesaver!”


But just how many vegetables should my child eat daily?

We all know how important those vegetables are for your child’s health. But have you ever wondered how much your child should eat daily?

happy child eating vegetables

The FSAI  recommends that at least one portion of vegetables be included at the main meal. The recommended number of total portions of fruit and vegetables for the day should correspond to the age of the child. For example, two small portions for a two-year-old, 3 small portions for a 3-year-old and so on. But “how do I know the portion size?”, you might be thinking. A handy way to figure that out is to use your child’s hand size as a guide, the bigger your child’s hand the bigger the portion should be.


Ultimate hack to help your child consume more vegetables!

So, as promised, here’s that one simple yet very effective hack – hide them. Sounds simple but let us show you how efficient it is!

A study from the IUNA shows the response to hidden vegetables in meals for children. Vegetables within a dish like pie or stew tend to be eaten by 96% of children, whereas “discrete” vegetables are eaten by over 85% of children.

Most effective ways to help children consume more vegetables

If you’d like a break from the never-ending veggie battle then why not give hidden vegetables a try? You’d be surprised at the difference blitzing them into a sauce or chopping them finely can make! Better yet, we’re coming up with the perfect solution very soon to help you in your quest for healthy and convenient kid’s meals. Keep an eye on to find out more!

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